General Sponsorship

By becoming a valued sponsor of todayscountry94one you will receive the following :

  • A 30 second professionally produced voice-over to your exact specifications. We will liaise with you to determine the theme of your voice-over and include all the information that you require to effectively promote your business.
  • Sponsorship packages start from a minimum of 50 spot rotations per month of your voice-over.
  • Sponsorship costs can be catered to your needs and budget per month, with an additional cost of $77 (including GST) for each individual voice-over produced.
  • Other sponsorships are available, including becoming a major sponsor and sponsoring one of our programs, entitling your business to be personally mentioned within that program, as well as a minimum of 100 spot rotations per month of your voice-over.

To become a sponsor of todayscountry94one please give us a call on (02) 4323 2441 or send an email to admin@todayscountry94one.com and one our consultants will be more than happy to assist you.( The office is run on a volunteer staff basis, so please allow 24 to 48 hours for response)

Our Audience FACTS

Todays Country 94One has recently participated in a listening survey conducted by McNair Ingenuity Research on behalf of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia. We are able to develop a picture of our audience from industry and our own research, which provides a guide to who’s listening. We have been able to gauge our audience through questions in a local omnibus survey and drawing on data provided by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA).


The latest research by McNair Ingenuity Research on behalf of the CBAA shows in non-metropolitan areas, such as the Central Coast, 30% of people listen to community radio. That’s 30% of 333,119 or 99,936 people.

The station community fulfilment is second to none, with a glowing report from our audience who stated that we are:

  • The Station I Trust 94%
  • Plays good music 93%
  • Can relate to 92%
  • The Station for me 91%
  • Is part of my life 88%
guitar leaning against door

This is a ringing endorsement of todayscountry94one, given it is the only country music (specialist music) radio station in the Central Coast market, with a strong emphasis on supporting the music of local artists, played on the radio by locals.

In specific research conducted by the Central Coast Research Foundation over 30% of people were aware of todayscountry94one and of those over 44% said they listened to the station. This is consistent with the McNair Ingenuity Research and suggests more than 44,000 people listen to todayscountry94one at some time during the week.

This audience is waiting to hear your sponsorship message.

Call us on (02) 4323 2441 or send an email to admin@todayscountry94one.com

Go fund me picture todayscountry94one


Go Fund Me Campaign

The Central Coast’s highly successful Country Music station Todayscountry94one is seeking funding to secure their future and  to provide live, local and great Country Music.

TC941 Live Stream Fundraising Concert
Cowboy Hat Guitar and Rope

Volunteers Needed !

Todayscountry94one is urgently looking for volunteers with grant writing experience to assist in applying for grants which help to keep the station operational. We are also looking for volunteers with a love of country music to help with the office administration.
If you are interested, or want more information, please contact us by email at admin@todayscountry94one.com or you can leave a message on 4323 2441.
You’ll be joining a dedicated and friendly team of volunteers.

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